• PCI DSS Compliance ?

    PCI DSS is the industrial information security standard. It is used to ensure the information security of merchants and service providers when they accept credit or debit card transactions. The standard covers the complete scope of information security, network security, data security, and system security, as well as monitoring and periodic tests, which are required to prevent unexpected security incidents.
    Implementing and passing the assessment for PCI DSS is the compliance requirement of the payment card industry and the best demonstration of security protection implemented by merchants or service providers.

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  • PCI 3DS

    EMV 3DS 2.0 is the new standard for 3 Domain Secure products, and it provides a better and more comprehensive method of card holder authentication. The new standard is applied to online or non-face-to-face transactions, also called Card-Not-Present transactions. 3DS 2.0 provides more convenient ways to authenticate card holders, especially for mobile devices, such as face recognition and fingerprints. 3DS 2.0 makes transactions smoother and quicker.
    PCI 3DS is defined by PCI SSC for the security requirements of the 3DS operating environment and data protection. ACS, DS, and 3DSS are required to pass the assessment for PCI 3DS before users can go online. This is to ensure a secure operating environment.

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  • GDPR

    GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) is the new privacy protection regulation of the European Union. It increases the penalties for violations, and expands territorial scope to ensure the free flow of data within the EU. The EU attaches great importance to privacy protection, and foreign companies providing goods or offering services in the EU are strictly regulated by GDPR. New GDPR requirements and penalties are also applied to data processors. For cross-border data transfers to 3rd countries, especially those which are relatively loose in privacy protections, GDPR requires providing appropriate safeguards before transmission.
    To manage the impact of these new regulations, all organizations that have business in the EU need to re-check their compliance to GDPR.

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  • Technical Services

    PCI SSC requires many technical tests/reviews for standards relevant to payment card transactions, including penetration tests, vulnerability scans, source code reviews etc. Secure Vectors provides comprehensive technical services through own security labs or by leveraging our partner security labs in Asia. We provide detailed and thorough testing by professional engineers, using the most advanced tools and techniques to ensure your compliance and actual security.

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What is PCI DSS ?

PCI DSS is the information security standard defined by PCI SSC for protection of card holder data in payment services processes.  Compliance with PCI DSS standards is mandatory for their
respective stakeholders, and is enforced by the major payment card brands who established the PCI SSC Council: American Express, Discover , JCB , MasterCard and Visa.